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Limited Permit X-Ray Technician School: Bone Densitometry

What is the Limited Permit X-Ray Technician School?

The Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education (FORE), certified by the State of California Radiological Health Branch offers Limited Permit X-ray Technician School in Bone Densitometry. This three-day course is given Friday to Sunday to accommodate the working person. The school is a value-added program that allows the student to receive cutting-edge education, information and quality instruction. The course is 18 hours of classroom instruction, 2 hours of lab and 4 hours of clinical instrution where the student will perform 20 scans that are required by the State of California to be eligible to take the state licensing exam.

Dates for upcoming Limited Permit X-Ray Technician School in Bone Densitometry.

Download and submit registration form for desired date

May 16-18, 2014

Call (510) 832-2663 x1022 for more information

Course Faculty

Kyla Kent, CDT - Program Director
Vivian Zhen - Program Administrator

Kathleen Cody, MBA
Kyla Kent, CDT
Sven Prevrhal, PhD
John Shepherd, PhD
Jennifer Yates, EdD, RT(R)(M)(BD)

Alfred Petrocelli, MD, CCD
Bradford Piatt, MD

Matthew Epstein, MD
Roy Harris, MD, CCD
Anjali Jain, MD

Karen Felts, CDT
Kyla Kent, CDT
Russelll Scott, CDT
Micah Wendell, CDT

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
To register for the Limited License School, print out all the relevant documents below and complete the Registration Form. Please read ALL registration materials before submitting your registration. You can either fax completed form to 510-208-7174 OR mail to FORE LLS, 1814 Franklin Street, Ste. 620, Oakland, CA 94612.
Please email if you need a registration form to be sent to you by fax or mail.

How much does the course cost?
The cost of the course is $1,520. The total cost for the course is $1,695.00; this includes the state exam application cost of $75 and a non-refundable registration fee of $100.

What does the license qualify me to do?
A limited license qualifies a technician to do bone densitometry testing only.

Who is eligible for the course?
Anyone is eligible to take the course but a medical/clinical background is helpful.

Can I take the state exam without taking a Limited License Bone Densitometry course?
You cannot take the state exam unless you have successfully completed a Limited License Bone Densitometry course.

What size are the classes?
The bone densitometry classes are designed for a small classroom setting with individualized clinical instruction.

What kind of machine will the students be using?
FORE uses Hologic DXA machines. This course is designed to be a companion to the manufacturer's training.

How long does it take to get the state license from the time I take the course?
FORE processes all the state required paperwork within one week from the completion of the course. The processing at the state level varies from 4-6 weeks.

Once the application is processed by the certification unit, the start of the exam eligibility period begins. Since October 11, 2013, the window for taking the state licensing exam was increased to one calendar year (DPH-10-014 regulations package, section 30405). 

For questions regarding the certification process, call the Certification Message Line at (916) 440-7998; calls are returned within 24-48 hours. 

Do I need a Limited Permit in Bone Densitometry if I am a RT?
In the State of California, a Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT) may perform all X-ray categories, including bone densitometry, with the exception of FLUOROSCOPY, MAMMOGRAPHY, RADIATION THERAPY and NUCLEAR MEDICINE. In California, those four modalities require additional permits.

While a CRT may not require additional certification to do DXAs, many organizations prefer that their technologists have the additional training provided in FORE's limited permit school in bone densitometry, and some facilities may actually require additional certification from the State of California Radiology Health Branch to assure quality among their staff.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists offers an Advanced Level Examination in Bone Densitometry that RT's may take if desired. Technologists who pass this exam may use the (BD) in addition to the RT(R) designation signifying advanced level registry status in bone densitometry.

Do I need a Limited License in Bone Densitometry if I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist?
Yes. Nuclear Medicine does not cross over to X-ray, it is a stand-alone modality. The State of California Radiologic Health Branch licenses people for nuclear medicine, but they do not regulate schools for nuclear medicine.

What happens when I finish the school?
Once you have passed the school requirements, FORE will submit your application and other required forms. The California Department of Public Health - Radiology Health Branch will process the application and send you notification within 1 month informing you to take the licensing exam at a local testing center. You have 1 calendar year to complete the test with a passing grade of 70%. DO NOT DELAY. you must apply 30 days before the 1 calendar year deadline.

How do I take the State Licensing Exam
The 1 calendar year exam window does not get extended for failed exams.  Theoretically you can sit for the exam as many times as it takes within that 1 calendar year window.  However, there are other factors that limit this ability, and other things to know, such as:

  • You must pay the ARRT exam fee each time you schedule an exam.
  • Any exam fee must be paid to the ARRT at least 30 days prior to the end of the 180 day window.
  • ARRT allows only one examination schedule at one time.  Therefore, if an exam is failed, the student must wait typically 30 days for the results to be processed before they can re-schedule the exam.

A very good resource for exam information is the ARRT Examination Handbook, which can be found on  It contains information on exam content and timing, test centers, score reporting, what to expect on test day and more information that any test taker should read.

Still have more questions? Please call 510-832-2663 x1022 or 888-266-3015.

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